Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mighty Flip Champs Connection!

Both Nintendo Life and Shantae Fan Club members got this cool mailer detailing a free prize inside for Mighty Flip Champs owners.  Since then, a few curious individuals have written in asking if they will have only one chance at a tiered prize, sealing their fate the moment they unwrap Shantae.  The answer: NO!  You can continue to improve your Mighty Flip Champs skills, and return to your Shantae game in progress to claim higher ranked prizes at any time.  So once you buy MFC, there's nowhere to go but up, even if your Shantae quest is under way.  Feel free to ping pong between games at any point.  To sign up for the Shantae Fan Club, visit www.wayforward.com



  1. This reminds me of the GBA bonus transformation in Shantae. Very cool idea. It motivated me to go back and achieve "S" rank on the last few difficult levels in MFC.

  2. Are the MFC prizes something majorly game changing? Or just little fun treats (Like, dare I say, playable Alta)?

    Also, are there three of them total or just one that gets better the better you do in MFC?

  3. 2 questions:

    1. Can I purchase MFC after I buy Shantae and still unlock these treats? Or do I need MFC on my DSi first before I download Shantae?

    2. I know it's too early to ask what the unlockable treats are, but could one of them be the original GBC Shantae game? ;)

  4. 1. You can purchase Mighty Flip Champs at any time and unlock the extra treats, the game does not check to see if you own Mighty Flip Champs until you talk to the shopkeeper in the "Import Room" in Scuttletown. If you talk to her and you do not own Mighty Flip Champs, she'll just tell you to come back later.

    2. Without giving away the, somewhat underwhelming, unlockable treats... The original GBC Shantae game is not among them.

  5. Hey, I just beat Risky's Revenge and I have a question: Is the import room used for anything else besides MFC? like... is there other unlockables and stuff? Just wondering.