Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Transfer your DSiWare to 3DS

Good news for Shantae fans!  A new report suggests that DSiWare games will be transferable to 3DS, turning what for some would be a six month fling into a long term relationship.  Don't fear commitment gentlemen, its going to be okay.  You can check out Joystiq's original story right here.


  1. I know, I just got word of the story as well, what a god send! I cant wait for the 3DS to be released, and cant wait for shantae RR next week! By the way, the 3DS will also be having its own virtual console for gameboy and gameboy color too, does that mean we might see our favorite purple haired genie's first game on it as well?

  2. This is meaningless to me if we in the UK and Europe don't get a release at all. Please let us play the game, I'm begging you...

  3. I second the request for UK release news!

    Also, what do you think the chances are of getting the original Shantae onto the 3DS Virtual Console? I know it's early days but I mean in terms of legal rights and stuff, are you theoretically able to do it?

  4. Hearing this, I fear I may hold out until I get the 3DS. I promise this will be one of the first games I download by then.

    Hopefully the original GBC game will be available since I missed out on that...