Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1UP: Nintendo DS Departing Salute

Hey, this is cool.  Last week we got a salute for Contra 4 -- this time Shantae: Risky's Revenge is recognized as one of the system's must-haves.  Thanks 1UP!  It's nice to be appreciated.  Check out the full story here, and see what other games you might be missing. 

Also, our gal's been getting some nominations and awards for end of the year jazz.  We'll wait for the last few results to roll in, and then start the bragging.  That way you can tell your friends how on the ball you are and how great your taste in games is!


  1. Wayforward, you don't have a feed back email so I'll post here..

    The negative stigma with DSiware is really all that's holding me (and many others, as depicted in your deleted scene with the squid in Shantae, that's so me) back from splurging on your 3 platformers. 16MB cap; DSi resolution on 3DS.. Also you guys made ping pals. My jaw dropped when I saw you guys were behind that thing. But your scores and awards are so good that I might grab at least shantae.

    More so, a higher res compilation of the three as a retail 3DS game would have me sold 10 times over.

  2. PLEASE MAKE A PHYSICAL(MATERIAL) COPY OF THE GAME! I want it soooo bad but I can only get it on eshop with a credit card. i really want to have the game in a way i wont be afraid to lose it incase somethin happens to my nintendo.