Monday, March 21, 2011

Poll Results:

The results are in... and Shantae is your favorite character in the "Shantae" game series, earning 64% of your votes.  You're probably thinking "So what.  She's the main character.  We all knew that".  Well hold on there sir or madame.  You see, when we polled players back when the original Shantae game was released in 2002, Risky Boots was the clear winner, with Rottytops second and Shantae a distant third!   Players in 2002 preferred the stinkerly bad girls over our dancing heroine.  The results this time were:

-Shantae: 66%
-Rottytops: 13%
-Risky Boots: 11%
-Sky & Wrench: 4%
-and Bolo, Uncle Mimic, and the Tinkerbats bringing up the rear with a combined 5%.  Sorry gents. 


  1. Well, the side-characters would probably get more votes if they were developed a bit beyond average NPC status. You-know-who is currently the only character that has more development than the rest, and even then that's very slight.

    just sayin'

  2. I Voted 4 Shantae but my first choice was Rottytops and she's my fav Rottytops I mean.

  3. Could you tell Nintendo to go flop themselves over not releasing the DS Shop Channel on Day 1 for the 3DS? I could never justify getting a DSi, so when I got my 3DS, I all but rushed to pick up a copy of Risky's Revenge the moment I opened it up. Lo and behold, I can't do it until next month. I'd count the days but they haven't released a specific date for release. ERRRGGGG

  4. Risky is still the best, she just didn't get to fight Shantae properly this time, shame people didn't get to experience her awesomeness properly.

  5. Risky is still the best, and for more than just the two obvious reasons. Love Risky.